kikin EasySearch™ API: Fast, Easy, Streamlined

February 13, 2012 at 3:05 pm
kikin Browser is equipped with a variety of features that aim to deliver a simple and unique browsing experience to its users.  Version 1.8 was updated to include new features and more stability, improving users’ browsing experience. Developers, take note!

kikin Browser distinguishes itself from any other browser currently on the market with its focus on ‘touch to go’ search. This kind of search is touch-based and flows with the tactile nature of the iPad, eliminating the need to copy and paste or type.  Users can also long press on words or phrases within a Web page and pull up search and image results within that page, eliminating the need to venture to another page or tab for search or image results.  The structure of kikin Browser’s search would keep users within a particular app if it was integrated with the kikin EasySearch™ API, as they could pull up search and image results within the app.  They would thus be more apt to use the app for a longer period of time, as all of their search needs are met within the app.



Integrating the kikin EasySearch™ API into your application is an incredibly simple process.  Only 6 lines of code need to be copy and pasted for full integration.  Furthermore, kikin Browser is completely customizable within your app; you have the ability to change the look and feel of it around however you like.



Most importantly, it is completely free for you to integrate the kikin EasySearch™ API into your app!


The kikin EasySearch™ API will provide users of your app with a unique browsing experience that fosters more time spent within your app—and it’s free!  Click here to add the kikin EasySearch™ API to your app today!